We greet you on the web-page dedicated to the new open-source real-time strategy game for Linux — Temagica.

Well the good news is that we're all set up and ready to go. I'm very thankful to Sourceforge.net for their great services amd I finally seem to have configured what I need for this project (Temagica I mean) to grow and develop. But the bad news also exists and that is that the development of Temagica is in very early stage and also that for now I'm the only developer to work on it (though fortunately I seem to have found the artist, which also is an excellent news). This is why this web-page is so ascetic (I don't have enough time to do all at once) and also this may lead this project to develop much slower than it could or even collapse due to the lack of enthusiasm. This is certainly not the thing I want and I don't think that'll make anyone else happy.

All abovementioned leads to a simple fact. We need enthusiastic, creative people. To be more specific, of course our main need is in good C++ programmers. The knowlege of project-management basics and object-oriented design principles is required. The experience in Linux programming or game programming or both is a plus. SDL library knowledge is also a plus. We also need a web-designer who can create a decent web-page for Temagica. The good taste and some HTML/CSS knowlege is required. PHP is a plus, but I can do the PHP part if there`ll be need in it. I still need another artist who can work on the magical/tech characters and units, landscape tiles, etc. At last (though by no means least) we need a native english-speaking person who could review everything I wrote on the project page on sourceforge and here on our home page and also the things that will be written there later and the things that will appear in the game itself and do some proofreading to them.

I must point out, just in case, that all the work mentioned above is to be done for fun and experience. I'm not planning to sell this game or even to put any money-giving banners onto its web-page. So I myself am going to work on the same basis. But I`m sure all of you know what GPL is even better then me, so I don`t think the above facts would frighten anybody or hurt anybody`s feelings or even be any kind of surprise.

If you, the visitor, found yourself interested and appropriate for that work or maybe not very appropriate but still eager to participate :), please don't hesitate to email me: b0rland_ua[at]users.sourceforge.net

Thanks alot for your attention.

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